Helping you take confident steps to your better financial story.




We start with your money story.


We all have experiences and attitudes that have shaped how we think and feel about money. For financial planning to work well, it is important to understand your money past, present and future so that you feel connected to the process and take action for a successful outcome.

We create a new money story together. 

By getting to know you and listening to the possibilities you have in mind for your life, I will help you clarify and align your financial picture to those possibilities. 


Getting to Know You and Your Values

Getting Organized 

Taking Action

Ongoing Planning

through Life's


Living Your Financial Story


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Young Family

Are you or your spouse self-employed?

Are you considering self-employment or contract work as a way to work and live the way you want?

We work with families that have business or contractor income as a primary or partial source of income.


Self employment creates specific needs for cash flow organization, tax and risk reduction, and business owner mindset

while creating opportunities for additional qualified savings and investment strategies.


We help you feel confident working the way you'd like to, with your family's unique goals and values in mind. 

Are you a self-employed individual or contract worker juggling the needs of work, family, home and friends? 

Are you self-employed because you value work flexibility and balance?  

Do you have uneven cash flow as a result of your self-employment? Is there stress in your relationship with your partner around your uneven income?

Are you billing for your awesome work, but too busy to effectively manage the income?

Do you feel like you are paying too much in taxes? Is it difficult to understand self-employment taxes and make those estimated payments?

Do you approach your work like a business owner?

What about health insurance? Life and disability insurance?

Do you have the right retirement plan set up to take advantage of higher deferrals and tax deductions?

Are you ready to make your money work for you in a way that aligns with your values and goals?




Could you use a coach that gets to know your financial story AND helps you stay accountable to a thoughtfully designed financial plan? Understanding your money story gives you the opportunity to know yourself and set up boundaries around this knowledge in your daily actions. NPFP can use the robust and varied financial tools in our toolbox to help you organize your finances, invest your savings, and tailor your financial planning in an empathetic way that resonates to your past, present and your better future.

I started North Park Financial Planning to improve my own life and work in a way that allows me to spend more time with my loved ones, moving my body and traveling. I'm excited to help others engage in fulfilling work/life experiences as well. My clients are self- employed with families that that need to plan around uneven cash flow, avoid paying too much in taxes and manage goals to create an ideal working arrangement and great life. Health, life and disability insurance are important considerations for self-employed's as well as planning for times of less income, choosing the right retirement plan and investment strategy.

I also advise families with kids heading to college in the coming 1-3 years that want to know how much it will cost and make a plan for how to pay for this important investment, BEFORE college applications are submitted.

Working with me over time will provide you accountability to live a fulfilling life presently and decades from now. Your future self will thank you for the work we start together today.


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North Park Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Illinois.

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