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Confident steps to

Are you or your spouse self-employed?
consulting or starting your own business as a way to work and live the way you want?



  • Are you a self-employed individual or contract worker juggling the needs of work, family, home and friends? 


  • Are you self-employed because you value work flexibility and balance?  


  • Do you have uneven cash flow as a result of your self-employment? Is there stress in your relationship with your partner around your uneven income?


  • Are you billing for your awesome work, but too busy to effectively manage the income?


  • Do you feel like you are paying too much in taxes? Is it difficult to understand self-employment taxes and make those estimated payments?


  • Do you approach your work like a business owner?


  • What about health insurance? Life and disability insurance?


  • Do you have the right retirement plan set up to take advantage of higher deferrals and tax deductions?


  • Are you ready to make your money work for you in a way that aligns with your values and goals?


We work with families that have business or contractor income as a primary or partial source of income.


Self employment creates specific needs for cash flow organization, tax and risk reduction, and business owner mindset while creating opportunities for additional qualified savings and investment strategies.


We help you feel confident working the way you’d like to, with your family’s unique goals and values in mind. 

Ready to take the first step?

5337 N Spaulding Ave

Chicago, IL  60625

North Park Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Illinois.

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