We go through the following steps together to understand your current money story and how you'd like to change it.


Confident Step 1:

Getting to know you

 At our first meeting, we will discuss your situation and what has motivated you to get in touch with us. We talk about how you grew up, your unique experiences with money and how those impact how you interact with it now. I will help you name your values and intentions as well as establish some short and long term goals to focus our work together.


Confident Step 2:

Getting organized

  Next, we begin the process of getting all the data necessary to know where you stand today. Think tax returns, insurances, your business books, employee benefits, account statements, estate documents, etc. We'll also assess you capacity for risk, informing how we will manage your investment portfolio. Gathering this information and organizing it into an understandable statement of your current financial position and cash flow is key to getting started with your financial and life planning.  


Confident Step 3:

Ongoing financial planning
and investment management

Life is constantly changing; offering up new opportunities and challenges. NPFP provides ongoing planning for life’s changes and continued implementation assistance with your plan’s action steps. Most people realize after they have gone through the initial planning stage that they want to be able to reach out to their trusted advisor with questions regularly. Our advisors act as empathetic coaches to help you stay on track and accountable to your values.


NPFP will manage your investment portfolio and implement your allocation strategy on a regular basis instead of you doing this on your own. We collaborate with First Ascent Asset Management and TD Ameritrade. Our investment philosophy is straight forward.  We do not believe in timing the market and focus on investing for the long-term. As such, high quality, low-cost mutual funds and ETF’s are utilized to provide you with appropriate portfolio allocation aligned to your investment proposal. 



Confident Step 4:

Living your new financial story

You live your life confident of what can be controlled financially.
You create a new money story that feels better than your first one.
You have more knowledge and a trusted advisor to turn to as
you add more chapters to your story.