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Let’s discuss how North Park Financial Planning can meet your needs now and into the future at a free initial consultation

Financially Fit



Mid to late Career Stage Singles
or Families with W2 income. You want to organize your finances and visualize your future with less money stress.

 Initial Planning Fee $4000-$8000

You’re seeking a comprehensive plan to help get you on the right track — and someone to help you implement your plan’s initial action items

3 Collaboration Meetings and Plan presentation meeting

Implementation of Plan’s most important action items - timeframe 4-8 months



Business Mindset


Self-Employed, Contractors, Business Owners who need cash flow, tax and retirement planning  Over half of your household income comes from self-employment


Initial Planning Fee $8,000-$12,000

You’re seeking a comprehensive plan to get you on the right track.You are self-employed with complex financial decisions to make.

You want to understand how your personal financial life goals are affected by your business choices - and someone to help you implement your plan’s initial action items

3-4 Collaboration Meetings and Plan presentation meeting

Implementation of Plan’s most important action items. Timeframe 6-10 months





Pre-retirees, busy professionals and business owners. Generally appropriate for those with investable assets between $500,000-$5,000,000 and household incomes over $300,000.

Subsequent years planning and investment management

 Fee range $9,000-$25,000

You require a dedicated and trusted resource that understands you. Your life is full and changes frequently. Your advisor will coordinate with other professionals needed for your financial life to take off and stay organized. 

Ongoing financial, tax planning/preparation and investment management from a dedicated advisor who understands your situation, values and goals

Meetings follow an Annual Service Calendar and upon request 



Depending on the above experience assigned, you will go through the first 3 steps with your advisor together by the end of 12 months. 


Get to know you and understand your aspirations


Get Organized 

Refine & Prioritize

Values and Goals


Initial Financial Plan created 

Implementation of most important action items


Living Your Financial Story

Ongoing Planning

and Implementation through Life’s


Confident Step 1: Getting to know you and your aspirations

 At our Getting Acquainted meeting, we will discuss your current situation. We talk about your level of satisfaction with the various money facets of your life and how your experiences may impact the way you interact with money now.  We will also talk through what to expect if we begin working together. After engaging our services, we will help you clarify your values as well as establish some short and long term goals to focus our planning over the next 6-12 months.


Confident Step 2: Getting organized, refine and clarify values/goals

  Next, we begin the process of getting all the data necessary to know where you stand today. Think tax returns, insurances, your business books, employee benefits, account statements, estate documents, your spending, etc. We'll also assess your capacity for risk, informing how we will advise you to invest. We will continue to refine and understand your unique vision for yourself and your finances with some easy exercises. Gathering this information and organizing it into an understandable statement of your current financial position and cash flow is key to getting started with your financial and life planning. This stage takes up to 3-4 months and a couple meetings to evaluate and collaborate well together. 

Confident Step 3: Initial Financial Plan meeting with specific action items presented 

Around the 5th month, after 2-4 strategy meetings and frequent communication, we develop and present your initial financial plan.  At our plan presentation meeting, we show you where you stand now and where you might be in the future. With your unique vision in mind and our knowledge of the various aspects of historical markets, investing, types of accounts, taxes, risks, and human behaviors. We develop a list of actions to start implementing with you over the remaining 5-6 months so that you begin progress towards your vision.

This initial plan serves as a starting point for the rest of your financial life. 

Confident Step 4: Living your new financial story

You live your life aware of what can and cannot be controlled financially. You build behaviors over time that create your unique version of the rich life. A new money story that feels better than your first one evolves. You have more knowledge and a trusted advisor to turn to as you add more chapters to your story.  

Life is constantly changing; offering up new opportunities and challenges. As Carl Richards like to say, we advisors are not defenders of outdated maps, but guides on an ever changing path. Your plan can quickly become outdated because life moves so quickly. 

NPFP provides ongoing planning for life’s changes and continued implementation assistance with your plan’s action steps. Many people realize after they have gone through the initial planning stage that they want to be able to reach out to their trusted advisor with questions regularly. We are empathetic, technically knowledgeable and help you stay accountable to your newly clarified values and goals.

 For those that continue with NPFP after the first year's planning, we will help manage your various investment accounts/holdings. We collaborate with First Ascent Asset Management as sub advisors and Schwab as our custodian. Our investment philosophy is straight forward. We do not believe in timing the market and focus on investing for the long-term. As such, high quality, low-cost mutual funds and ETF’s are mostly utilized to provide you with appropriate portfolio allocation aligned to your financial plan.

We continue to help you with tax planning, retirement analysis, equity compensation decisions, insurance needs, estate, family changes, big purchase recommendations, etc.

You will start working more systematically with us throughout the year based on our annual service calendar while being able to reach out any time you have a question or life change. Money follows life's opportunities and challenges almost always. 

Ready to take the first step?

Our Process

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North Park Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Illinois.

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