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Our Financial Planning Clients

Clients turn to North Park Financial Planning for trustworthy financial guidance and a clear path forward.

Entrepreneurs benefit from
confident NPFP money strategy

An energetic entrepreneur couple in their 50s came to me feeling like they had not made the best financial decisions over the years with various opportunities. Knowing that they were creating more of those opportunities currently, they didn't want to "mess up" this time. They needed help organizing their finances and understanding how to spend, save and invest in a way that supported their present and future wellness. They had always rented due to a belief system that they had not explored. Together, we developed a plan for them to be able to purchase a home and move across the country so they could spend the remaining life of their children’s grandfather near him. We continue to work together on saving, investing and tax planning around their new thriving business while utilizing a spending plan that emphasizes a key value of memory-making with their teenage daughters. 

Couple connects with NPFP
to set and reach financial goals

A creative duo couple in their mid careers came to me with a desire to buy a small vacation home that they could use to regularly get away from the city as a family and fuel their creativity. He had growing self employment earnings from consulting and she was working many hours for a salary. They were bogged down with administrative and financial tasks that they absolutely did not want to waste their energies on. They knew certain things needed to happen to be financially responsible and invest for their combined futures. We did initial planning focused on how they could buy the vacation home while not neglecting other life goals. We spent time organizing their accounts, tax payments and tax planning. We also needed to clarify his business organizational needs and goals. Knowing they wanted to delegate as much of these tasks as possible, we began prioritizing a long list of items for NPFP to continue to walk them through and assist with. In 4 years, they have more than doubled their net worth and have a solid financial system unique to their personalities and values. Most importantly, they have been relieved of the stress over not knowing if they are doing the right things with their money for their lives’ priorities.

Employee of large tech company aligns finances to personal values with NPFP

A client in her early 40s has been working for a large corporation for several years, has a growing 401K, Employee Stock Purchase Plan shares and Restricted Stock Units. With her growing retirement accounts, bonuses and stock compensation plan, she was not certain how to manage them and concerned about taxes and making the wrong decisions. She had heard about fee only financial planners and began looking for someone who wouldn’t try to sell her products. We met in 2018 and began organizing investments, but also started talking about what she might do with proceeds from certain investment sales. This began a time of clarifying what she wanted for her own life that was different from her past experiences. She is passionate about many local and global issues and wants to create time and space to be an active agent of change. With those and other aspirations known; NPFP is able to continually provide specific planning recommendations that align with her unique version of a rich life — that doesn't include owning lots of things. 

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North Park Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Illinois.

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